Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Mastermind Group?

At Youth Ministry Booster, Mastermind Groups are monthly video conference meetings of 10 or less youth ministers that meet with the intention of growing its members through professional accountability (hard-work) and soul care (health).  Click here to learn more. 

How Long Do Mastermind Groups Last?

Mastermind Groups are seasonal and typically last 6 months You may continue with your group or opt for a new or different group at the end of your group's cycle. 

Will This Work With My Schedule?

We think so! One of the key features of Youth Ministry Booster is scale. We have lots of options, so no matter what your schedule, something should always line up. And hey! We record almost everything!

I Have An Idea CAn I Share IT Next Month?

Let’s talk! We want all of our members to have the opportunity to share their insight with the community. It’s how we grow!

How Is This Only $20 A Month?

Because we believe in you! Our leadership team and hosts are committed to helping youth ministers grow and get healthy. We seen and experienced the value of professional accountability.  We wanted to create an ongoing sustainable larger community of youth ministers committed to hard work and health

What If I want This But Cant AFford It? 

We really believe in youth ministers that want to grow and discover health. We never want anyone to feel like money is the only reason they could not participate. Email Chad for more.