Hey Youth Minister! You Care For Youth, Who Cares For You?

Let’s get real. Youth Minister-ing can be lonely work. From Sunday to Sunday, you can spend a lot of time feeling busy, fielding questions from parents, worrying if students will show up, not fully knowing if you’re doing the important work or if this whole youth ministry thing is worth it.

That’s where Youth Ministry Booster comes in. By collaborating in a caring online community with hundreds of other youth ministers like you, you’ll be able to ask questions, connect with other members, sharpen your skills, and keep a little more of your calling, passion, and sanity intact!

We’re reimagining youth ministry collaboration and care to be affordable, honest, and generous.

Let us show you!

What Does YMB Membership Include?

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Members are matched to monthly video meetings with a small group of fellow youth pastors to accomplish personal and professional goals. 

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Weekly Soul Care

Reserve your spot for a weekly group video call with peers to ask important questions and encourage one another in your calling. Growing youth ministry starts in the heart of a healthy youth minister.

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Practical Webinars

Dialogue in real time with some of the best and brightest voices in youth ministry. We cover big topics like leadership development, communication strategy, trauma-informed ministry, discipleship, event planning, and parent ministry so you can stay sharp!

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On-Demand Videos

Access an archive of over 200+ training videos to watch on your own time. Training covers topics from administration to event planning to discipleship and everything in between!

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Digital Resources

Get the goods! Enhance your leadership and enrich your ministry with new resources every month. Access helpful ideas, graphics, games, and more.

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Exclusive App

Explore and enjoy all of our community features on our integrated custom web and app (*iOS and Android) platform.


Questions and Answers

Is this for beginning youth ministers, or more veteran youth pastors?

Booster has on-demand videos and resources that will benefit every level of youth ministry from: effective programming and planning, recruiting volunteers, partnering with parents, raising up student leaders, ministering to troubled students, and sharpening your own leadership practices and rhythms.

Whether you're new to the game, new to your church, or well-established and looking to sharpen your skills, Booster will have the training and collaboration to benefit you.

How is this different from other training options?

Youth Ministry Booster is a live video environment, that means the best stuff is the collaboration and care that happen live weekly and monthly.

Booster is as dynamic, relational and conversational as youth ministry itself.

What Youth Ministry Experts Are Saying


The Youth Ministry Booster team is so good at blending practical youth ministry training and authentic community. These mastermind groups are an incredible (and affordable) way to grow you, from your practical leadership skills to your personal health.

Elle Campbell
Co-Founder of Stuff You Can Use


It takes a community to think theologically.  More importantly, it takes a community to give and receive ministry.  Youth Ministry Booster provides just the kind of space needed to think theologically with each other about youth ministry.  But more importantly, it provides the community that can support the ministry God has called you, and in turn, minister to you.
Being part of this community will enrich you in all sorts of ways. 

Dr. Andrew Root
Carries Olson Baalson Professor of Youth and Family Ministry and author of Faith Formation in a Secular Age


Youth Ministry Booster is a strategic, community platform and network of youth pastors that enables ministry leaders of all levels of experience to benefit from the biblical and practical insights of others serving in the trenches. Zac and Chad have the vision, experience, and ministry connections to facilitate this unique and invaluable resource and establish it as the equipping paradigm for the future of youth ministry

Dr. Scott Pace
                                            Assoc. Professor of Pastoral Ministry & Preaching Director of the Center for Preaching and Pastoral Leadership at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


Preview Youth Ministry Booster

Youth Ministry Booster is not only a great place to grow as a leader it is a great place to collaborate and get connected in our care community.

Our exclusive membership platform enables members to get connected with other youth ministers, grow with mastermind groups, and also serves as our learning platform: chock full of articles, videos, surveys, and webinars.

Why We Do What We Do

  • We connect you with a network of youth ministers while also offering the training and tools you need to grow your leadership.

  • We showcase the experiences, expertise, and insights of our amazing members (you’re next) so you can take advantage of our collective brilliance as youth ministers!

  • We host live virtual/video events and relevant training so you can spot problems before they start with the support of fellow ministry leaders.

Hear from some amazing Members & Fellow Youth Ministers ..


Youth Ministry Booster is a support system that is good for my youth ministry and good for my soul.

Jarvis Cannon

Austin Elmore.jpg

You can tell there is genuine care from the YMB team for the ministers out there who need it. I have been challenged by YMB to educate myself and always be open to what God is doing.

Austin Elmore

steve hall.jpg

Youth Ministry Booster is a community where I really find encouragement and support in student ministry.

Steve Hall


I really love the support I get being in a Mastermind group! I am challenged to make sure I’m asking the right questions about my ministry, and I can also give input and encouragement to others.

[My] church is severely under-resourced, so I need all the support I can get!

Cheryl Johnson


Booster has given me an outlet and helped me realize that it’s not about flexing the muscle and pounding my chest to show I’m doing things well…it’s about voicing when I’m struggling and allowing my brothers to pray for and care for me. It’s about me seeking to do the same for them. The one who gives grace the best is the one who knows he needs it the most.

Josh White


You Invest In Youth, Now Invest In You

For only $19.99 a month*

*save 20% when you signup annually

For less than a Starbucks Latte a week you get:  

  • An annual Leadership Development Growth Plan

  • Matching to A Monthly Video Masterminds

  • Access to Weekly Soul Care Calls

  • library of 200+ Training Videos & Webinars

  • 100+ Digital Resources

  • Exclusive App (iOS & Android)


Start today and see why hundreds of collaborative and growing youth ministers have partnered with Booster to rocket into the next level.

We hope to see you inside!
– Team Booster + You?


If you are at a smaller church (<150) email Chad for a ProRated membership.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Mastermind Group?

At Youth Ministry Booster, Mastermind Groups are monthly video conference meetings of a small group youth ministers that meet to grow its members through accountability (hard-work) and soul care (health).  Click here to learn more. 

How Long Do Mastermind Groups Last?

Mastermind Groups are annual and typically last 9 months. Usually from September-May.

Is This For Beginning Youth Ministers, Or More Veteran Youth Pastors?

Booster has on-demand videos and resources that will benefit every level of youth ministry. Whether you're new to the game, new to your church, or well-established and looking to sharpen your skills, Booster will have the training and collaboration to benefit you.

Will This Work With My Schedule?

We think so! One of the key features of Youth Ministry Booster is scale. We have lots of options, so no matter what your schedule, something should always line up. And hey! We record almost everything!

How Is This Less Than $20 A Month?

Because we believe in you! Our leadership team and hosts are committed to helping youth ministers grow and get healthy. We seen and experienced the value of professional accountability.  We wanted to create an ongoing sustainable larger community of youth ministers committed to hard work and health

What If I want This But Cant AFford It? 

We really believe in youth ministers that want to grow and discover health. We never want anyone to feel like money is the only reason they could not participate. Email Chad for more.