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Youth Ministry Booster is the Membership Community for youth ministers who want the total package of coachingmasterminds, and online learning. 

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What Does YMB Membership Include?


Monthly Video Masterminds

Join a group of 6-9 fellow youth ministers led by one of our veteran ministry hosts. Be challenged to accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Sign up weekly and ask a pressing youth ministry question to one of our ministry experts. Get answers live every week. 


Monthly Practical Webinars

Learn from some of the best and brightest voices in youth ministry today, covering topics like leadership, communication, organization, discipleship strategy, event planning, and more.


Quarterly Online Conferences

Come together with the whole community as we feature a guest speaker, author, or youth ministry professor sharing invaluable insight and wisdom. 


Exclusive Social Media Platform

Explore our custom integrated community platform with the most encouraging youth ministers around. 


Hear What Youth Ministry Leaders Are Saying


The Youth Ministry Booster team is so good at blending practical youth ministry training and authentic community. These coaching groups are an incredible (and affordable) way to grow you, from your practical leadership skills to your personal health.

Elle Campbell
Co-Founder of Stuff You Can Use



It takes a community to think theologically.  More importantly, it takes a community to give and receive ministry.  Youth Ministry Booster provides just the kind of space needed to think theologically with each other about youth ministry.  But more importantly, it provides the community that can support the ministry God has called you to, and in turn, minister to you.
Being part of this community will enrich you in all sorts of ways. 

Andrew Root

Carries Olson Baalson Professor of Youth and Family Ministry and author of Faith Formation in a Secular Age


Youth Ministry Booster is a strategic, community platform and network of youth pastors that enables ministry leaders of all levels of experience to benefit from the biblical and practical insights of others serving in the trenches. Zac and Chad have the vision, experience, and ministry connections to facilitate this unique and invaluable resource and establish it as the equipping paradigm for the future of youth ministry

Dr. Scott Pace
                                                  Oklahoma Baptist University Professor of Applied Ministry



Our Team Of Hosts To Boost You

All of our members are assigned to a mastermind to receive the quality coaching and excellent community it takes to grow as a ministry leader. Meet of some of our all-star staff. Seriously, these people rock! 


Chad Higgins

Higgins is a 13 year youth ministry veteran that has literally served in every size church. From church plants to mega-growing congregations Chad has worked in a variety of capacities and roles. 

Youth Ministry Favorite: Helping youth ministers find a breakthrough and equipping volunteers for greatness

Areas of Excellence: Teaching, Leader training, and systems building. If you are looking to strengthen or grow a ministry Chad has the skills and encouragement to help you do so. 


Kristen Lascola

"K-cola" brings 14 years of Jr. High ministry experience. She has served as a volunteer,  an intern, a director and a pastor.

Youth Ministry Favorite: Sincere love of jr, highers, "They are rad! So hilarious, and up for anything! I also can't believe I get paid to study and teach the Bible!" 

Areas of Excellence: Leader training & development, Jr. High & Middle School Ministry communication.

Karl Romeus.jpg

Karl Romeus

Karl is the student ministry director at the vibrant multi-site Bayside Church in California. He is also a part of the leadership team for Thrive Unleashed a youth conference for thousands of students. 

Youth Ministry Favorite: Leading dynamic teams and growing new sites of ministry. 

Areas of Excellence: Leader development, multi-site ministry, growth, team-building


Zac Workun

"Workun" has spent 13 years of his life thinking about and leading in youth ministries of various sizes and denominations.

Youth Ministry Favorite: When students notice (and remember) the little (planned) details of a camp or retreat experience 9 years later. It's all about the little things that make big differences! 

Areas of Excellence: Leadership. Creativity, Event Planning, Technology, Systems 


Damien Parks

"D-Parks" comes to the table with over 14 years of ministry experience serving in a multiple church environments from the established traditional church to the modern megachurch. He has also served in a various ministry environments from the inner city to suburban districts. 

Youth Ministry Favorites:  Retreats, mission trips, high volumed intake of dr. pepper, and watching the youth lead their church to reach their city. 

Areas of Excellence: Administration, Creative Teaching, Parent ministry, Volunteer recruitment/coaching, innovative outreach.

aaron fullbright.jpg

Aaron Fullbright

"Bright" has been serving in student ministry for 8+ years in a variety of student ministry roles. He currently serves at Immanuel Baptist in Shawnee, OK.

Youth Ministry Favorites: Equipping students to lead others to Christ. I may be a prime leader of ministry, but I’m never want to be the prime doer of ministry.

Areas of Excellence: Teaching, Evangelism, and Vision-casting. I find it important to think in the moment and in the future. Everything in ministry needs to be done with eyes focused on the moment and the future. 


Lee Barnes

Lee is boosting over 25 years of experience in youth and family ministry, he has worked in churches and camps across North Carolina, in parachurch settings, and in training and consulting family ministries in churches across the Southeastern United States. Lee is the Youth Ministry Facilitator for the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church and an “Independent Consulting Youth Worker”… (for Sherlock fans). Lee is the husband of 20 years to Kim and the Dad of four awesome children ranging from middle school to early college. (Yes, he has his own youth group at home!).

Youth Ministry Favorite - Leading, reading, and growing youth ministry leaders. He literally made it his job! 

Area of Excellence - Youth & Family ministries, Church-Parachurch Youth Ministry partnerships, UMC YM,

Rush Beam.png

Rush Beam 

Rush has over 18 years of youth ministry experience inside the UMC and outside the box.  Rush is both a pastor and artist. He is also an Enneagram 9, INFJ, Coffee-love, and proud father to 3 adopted kids and 1 amazing wife who’s more awesome than him.

Youth Ministry Favorite - Building structure and rhythm into programing and events. Growing leaders who are worth following. Dropping the spirit into stale piles. Hanging with teenagers over coffee.

Area of Excellence - Multi-Site Youth Ministry, Art in worship, Ministry & Nature, UMC YM, 


Looking for great curriculum to go with your coaching?


Grow + Booster = Grow Your Leadership

Our friends Kenny and Elle Campbell, From Stuff You Can Use, have curated the greatest curriculum & strategy in the history of youth ministry, and we are proud to partner with them. See what 1600 other churches have already discovered. Grow curriculum + strategy grows your youth ministry and Booster grows youth ministers. 


Grow is not just curriculum for your weekly program time it's a strategy for your whole youth ministry


50 weeks of sermons, questions, graphics, bumper videos,


4 quarterly discipleship activities (with the resources to make them happen) to help your students develop key spiritual habits


50 fun games (we should know we helped!) complete with screen graphics, instructions, shopping lists, and photos.


7 all-but-done for you events (including camp planning and missions/service experience) with graphics, instructions, schedules, and marketing materials


A full year of events, meetings, discussion groups, conversation starters, and celebration ideas for your incredible volunteers


Everything you need for four parent events, discussion groups, meetings, and emails! 




Preview of Youth Ministry Booster

Youth Ministry Booster is not only a great place to grow as a leader it is a great place to get connected in our coaching community. Our membership platform enables members to get involved with groups, get connected with other youth ministers, and also serves as our learning platform with chocked full of articles, videos, surveys, webinars and more. 

steve hall.jpg
Youth Ministry Booster is a community where I really find encouragement and support in student ministry
— Youth Pastor Steve Hall

YMB is a support system that is good for my youth ministry and soul.
— Student Minister Jarvis Cannon

How Much Does Membership Cost?

$19.99 a month*

For less than a Starbucks Latte a week you get: 

  • Matched to A Mastermind Community Groups

  • Monthly Video Conference Calls with Your Mastermind Group

  • Opportunities for Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Join in On Monthly Practical Ministry Seminars

  • Exclusive Invitations to our Quarterly Online Conferences

  • Access to our exclusive social media platform 


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Mastermind Group?

At Youth Ministry Booster, Mastermind Groups are monthly video conference meetings of 10 or less youth ministers that meet with the intention of growing its members through professional accountability (hard-work) and soul care (health).  Click here to learn more. 

How Long Do Mastermind Groups Last?

Mastermind Groups are seasonal and typically last 6-9 months. You may continue with your group or opt for a new or different group at the end of your group's cycle. 

Will This Work With My Schedule?

We think so! One of the key features of Youth Ministry Booster is scale. We have lots of Mastermind Group meetings so if you can give us just a couple options we can match you to a best fit group. 

What If I Miss A Meeting?

We get it! Ministry is busy and unpredictable, your group exists to serve and grow you. If are going to miss, try and message your group or host and let them know through our social media platform so we can know how to pray for you. 

Can I Pick My Host?

For your first Mastermind Group we will help match you to an existing group based on your availability, ministry priorities, and host availability. Future groups will be more open for selection. 

How Is This So Cheap?

Because we believe in you! Our leadership team and hosts are committed to helping youth ministers grow and get healthy. We seen and experienced the value of professional accountability.  We wanted to create an ongoing sustainable larger community of youth ministers committed to hard work and health

What If I want This But Cant AFford It? 

We really believe in youth ministers that want to grow and discover health. We never want anyone to feel like money is the only reason they could not participate. Email Chad for more.