Youth Ministry Is Tough Work.

Whether you are 19, or a 19 year vet, it is hard work to keep up and stay motivated. 



We believe that Youth Ministry might is the most rewarding job you could ever have.


Because you know Youth Ministry is more than a job...

it's an inescapable calling,  a consuming passion.

It is the thing that you cannot talk yourself out of, and can't stop talking about.

Here at Youth Ministry Booster we want you to have the community you need to do ministry well, stay healthy, and experience success

YMB = Community For Growing Youth Ministers

Who needs endless resources if you don't get the help you need to make them work?

Who wants to filter through another Facebook group? 

Not us. And neither do you.

YMB is about a community of Fellow Youth Ministers that really cares about you.

Join other youth ministers like you, who want great resources but also an even better community that cares, helps, and wants you to succeed.

I mean, who understands youth ministry better than fellow youth ministers?

Don't believe us?

Test drive and see!

Try it out free for two weeks and see. There is nothing to lose and an amazing community of youth ministers to meet! Cancel anytime. No contracts ever! 

Not ready to boost yet? Then at least check out the free stuff we make! 

YMB Makes Killer Podcasts

Podcasts are our bread and butter. We began podcasting in 2015 and we can't get enough of listening to them and making them. Besides who doesn't want free resources that are heart-felt and humorous? It's kinda like free coaching from people you love! Check 'em all out!

BoostBlog Shares Stories From Real Youth Ministers

From busy cities, to rural towns, serving in churches mega and small, these passionate everyday youth ministry voices have wisdom to give and they care enough to share.  

Who Is Youth Ministry Booster?

Chad Higgins

The bearded guy. President and CEO of YMB, Chad is totally hyped about Booster. He eats, breathes, and sweats Booster. He also really likes the button-downs his wife dresses him in, because they "make him feel fancy." 


Zac Workun

The other bearded guy. Workun is never afraid to toss the first creative pitch if it means that something even better is in store.
If you like navy blue t-shirt-wearing coffee junkies who thrive off of folk music and are always asking what your Enneagram number is (Zac's a 7 through and through), then you just found your new best friend.


Timmy Coleman

The other, other bearded guy. Timmy C is graphically talented and artistically inclined. He makes things look better than the napkin sketches that Chad faxes to him. If you like things to look "sick" or "slick" or "schwick", then Timmy C is your guy. He is also is a big fan of cross-fit, black t-shirts, and being super helpful. 

You did it! Thanks for reading!

Productivity Booster 

Thanks for reading, here is a gift guaranteed to  shave a few hours off your week (if not you can shave Chad H's face), but also help you feel more accomplished in getting good work done. 

There are endless things to do in youth ministry, we hope this helps you get the important things done. Make the most of your time, and make each day count.