What Are Mastermind Groups?


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What is a MasterMind Group?

Mastermind groups are an innovation that a lot of start up and growing business leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs who wanted to see themselves and their businesses grow effectively. And they discovered the best way to do that was through accountable community and encouraging collaboration

1. Exclusive community. Ditch Facebook!

The big groups are fun and usually friendly but if you have ever posted a serious question and gotten minimal response and wondered why the logo comparison posts keep growing, we get you... 

2. Good Counsel. Once you are involved in a mastermind, that feeling of "being alone" while running your ministry is gone.

Other staff members try to help but they don't understand, and are you really going to try and lay all your problems on your volunteers? They would run away! 

3. Collaboration is the New Name of Thegame.

Go away comparison game you stink! and you ruin it for everyone.

If I am being honest, I do really want help (but from people I trust and care enough to share my real struggles).

4. Deepen Your Network. Who wants more friendly handshakes on the conference circuit?

What I really Want is 5-6 other Youth ministers whom I value and trust to critique towards more success! 

5.  Learning! We all have something to say and we all have something to learn. 

6. Cross-pollination Though not everything you do will work elsewhere (and vice versea)

Some of the best ideas are the ones that spread from one group to another. You know like honeybees or something like that?

7. Thinking bigger. Being in a mastermind will truly grow your vision and expand your ideas!

Don't see only with your eyes but with a team of trusted advisors

So if this sounds like something you have been missing or need in your life then try out Youth Ministry Booster we believe that Mastermind groups are core to youth ministry success.