Youth Ministry At Home To Spouse and Family

Balance is a myth. Priorities reveal our heart

Youth ministry (or ministry) is a demanding job whether you are part-time or full-time. However, for as many hours as you put into the work of ministry it is important to prioritize the hours you spend away from the "work."


Your family, whether you are married, dating, with kids, or without need you not to just be around but to be present. 


Don't just make time for your family unit. Plan time. 

This is your long-term ministry. Students will come and go. Minister best at home and the rest will follow through in your youth ministry. 

Be as good and fun and creative a minister at home as your are at church

Youth Minister - Model healthy leadership for your volunteers and students. 

Youth ministry is so much more about what is caught, than taught.

You have seen this in your relationship building efforts with your students and impactful training with adult volunteers. They learn from what you model.


Your students are watching your marriage and parenting efforts.


More than just your "spiritual walk"  your students are observing the interactions (conversations, phone calls, and messages) between you and your significant other (S/O) and your kiddos. Ministry is about learning from mentors and disciple making is the honest sharing of your self.


Show Notes:

National Youth Workers Convention November 2017

The grandaddy of youth ministry conferences. 3k youth workers all under one roof, so exciting! 

Youth Ministry Conclave Chattanooga January 2018

Chad and Zac get to go to a lot of conferences and this was easily our favorite "find" of 2017 it's got a great lineup of speakers, Chattanooga is a fun town, and the pricing for youth ministers and their spouses and teams cannot be beaten! 

Mario Kart Epic Moments

Get ready because we are crowing champions!