Leading Up! How Do I Support My Senior Pastor And Senior Leadership Well As A Youth Minister

Support always shows up in the little things

The best thing we give to show our support is attentiveness. Whether it is being on time (aka early) for a meeting, taking notes, or listening well we show our support by showing up and paying attention. 

Find ways to be extra careful and responsible for the mundane and monthly tasks. This is where we continue to prove our support. 

  • Take notes during the meeting

  • Make the coffee for the team 

  • Update the sign

  • Offer to help with copies

Ask your senior leadership this week what is one thing. Just one thing you could do that would specifically help them


Lead up by leaning in. 

Support starts with small servant minded stuff. It's t


Small stuff tunes us into the work the process takes. If we are listening to the details of what our senior leadership asking we might learn what they are hoping to accomplish. 


Gaining credibility is a process of proving support. 

If you want to be heard then first start by listening to the conversations. Learn before you lead. Lead by asking questions. 

Opinions. Don’t offer them before it is asked of you.

I know you have great ideas. We all have great ideas. Wait to be asked. Before you offer opinions ask questions. Before you ask questions, take notes and listen. 

Don’t let the one thing you don’t like about your senior leadership be the qualifier or disqualified for their leadership. We all do something unwell. Affirm what you love. Don't nitpick what you hate. 


Here's the imagery. There is a three-legged stool of student ministry

  • Students
  • Parents 
  • Staff/support 

You are probably great at the students bit, I mean hey you love student ministry. You probably are even working on a master plan to reach the parents of your students. But what's your staff support plan? 


Ask better questions. Don’t give more opinions.


What leaders value in us is support.

In the same way you want support give support. 

What is invaluable is our creativity, imagination, and insight at the right time. 


You Should Vs. We Should

Never underestimate the value of language when addressing problems.  


Submitting to authority is good for our heart and good for our ministry.

If you are going to bring a problem bring at least one potential solution