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*That's a literal 7 days, not a day as in a 1000 years poetic stuff. 


Youth Ministry Booster = Community + Resources


Youth Ministry Booster is a certain kind of Membership community for a certain kind of youth ministry leader.

Youth Ministry is too tough and too important to do alone. Don't just download endless resources get the stuff and support you really want!

Great youth ministry takes an honest, hard-working, and humble kind of leader.

We are A Community working really hard to become those things, would you like to join us? 

YMBooster Members Are:

  • Making communities amazing. Boosters work hard, collaborate, and listen. 
  • Sermon-writers (no canned speeches here). Boosters are looking for resources to enhance their teaching and enrich their leadership.  
  • Accessing a huge content library of games, graphics, visuals, videos, and more because cohesion doesn't happen piecemeal.
  • Interested in weekly coaching calls with bearded youth ministry veterans. Because better youth ministers =  better youth ministry
  • Attending monthly events, and engaging in video conference think-tanks on important topics
  • Connecting with other Boosters via mastermind groups because we all have something to say and something to learn
  • Supportive folks praying for each others' family, health, and success 

Monthly membership is just $25/month, this gives you access to everything! 

  • An ever-growing library Of Resources 

  • Mastermind Groups

  • Creative think-tanks,

  • Coaching Calls

  • And a Supportive and Prayerful Community 

Other places offer community, other places offer resources, but never before has community and resources come together better than Booster

Check out what we offer below, and then meet some fellow youth ministry leaders like you, that are not just doing youth ministry anymore, but they are Boosting Youth Ministry.


Still Here? Let Us Explain Our Sweet Resources

Take A Moment And Imagine The Way That Your Youth Ministry Could Be... 

A year-long teaching plan all mapped out. 

We give the broad strokes, the research and teaching resources you need, Then you put Your flair on what your students need to learn this year.  

No cookie Cutter sermons here!

Just great content for you to build the best for your youth Ministry. We are releasing new material Every month. We love it when a plan comes together. 

Cohesive series with all the visual flair that a creative team could buy

Make your Teaching Series Sizzle with amazing graphics, relevant games, and accompanying social media posts. We want you to look Good!

Check below for the full content description of just one of our amazing booster packs. 

Courage Of A Girl Booster Pack

The story of Esther is a story of courage, faith, and a people saved from danger. This powerful biblical narrative of a young girl's leadership in the face of adversity is timely for youth ministries today. Enjoy all the resources you need to prepare an amazing large group series around Esther and courage.  

What All Is Inside This Booster Pack?

Visual Booster

Visual Booster


Heroic Visuals To Embolden Your LArge Group

Videos, hero graphics, graphic elements, posters, presentation templates and more are all yours inside this booster! Everything you have always wanted to make your series look great is already waiting inside. 
If you are extra artsy you will also have all the PSD elements you need to customize the images to fit your ministry needs. 

Game Booster

Game Booster


Four Brave Group Games

The four new games in this Booster Pack feature some great group building, ice-breaking, fun-having goodness. You are going to love these originals and classic spins.

Social Media Booster

Social Media Booster


Social Media Posts For Such A Time As This

Keep your social media feed strong and reward your faithful with these inspiring posts. Quality and cohesion is yours with this super helpful social media boost. 

Audio Booster

Audio Booster

Be Courageous! Listen in as the YMB team encourages and guides you towards utilizing this material to its fullest potential. 

Also, tune in for some inspiring tunes on our customized Spotify playlists! 

Teaching Booster

Teaching Booster

It wouldn't be a great boost to you if we didn't provide quality resources, blog links, scripture references, quotes and book suggestions to help you sculpt and shape your talks. Contained inside are some indispensable resources for teaching and presenting the story of Esther to your students.

Community Booster

Community Booster

Better than just what we put together is what you and dozens of other youth ministers will put together in our community. Finally, some collaboration without competition! The best stuff is waiting for you here in our community of hard working youth ministers! 


Don't Take Our Word For It. Hear What Other Youth Ministers Are Saying...

The greatest compliment we can receive is to find out what we’ve built actually means something, that what we’re doing at YMB helps our members build successful, healthy youth ministries.

When we first launched we were immediately flooded with some feedback from friends and fellow youth ministers. 

One text was from Chris Coleman.

He is a long time youth minister and discerning voice for quality resources. We love Chris but we aren't so close that he would feel obligated to send us false encouragement. Chris leveled with us and we were blown away.

Chris said in Three sentences what we had been working towards for months. 

This kind of feedback is really important. More than bragging about numbers or creative program ideas youth ministry is in need of good feedback and helpful and healthy community. 

Check out what Chris, a youth minister like you, has to say about YMB.

I’m drowning in work and time expectations as a split time worship/student pastor. I can’t tell you the relief that I just felt looking through the YMB page. It’s like an intern just showed up at my door and offered to work for pennies on all of the stuff I never seem to have enough time or expertise to do well. Coming from the heart of a small church student pastor, Youth Ministry Booster is going to change the lives of youth pastors.
— Chris Coleman, YMB Annual Member

YMB is the Community you have always wanted. Welcome home.


Masterminds Groups

Meet with other members in An Mastermind Group and share your resources and ideas.

get Ideas, Be Heard!

Teaching ideas, best practices, and creative infusions are happening at every level. Better yet connect with some other youth ministers and form a mastermind group to get healthy and stay accountable.

Coaching Calls

Team YMB doesn't just want you to have resources to use, we want you to have the support and coaching you thought you couldn't afford.

Other places and models are pricey or out of reach. Included with your membership you can signup for a weekly coaching call with Zac or Chad and get your question answered. 

Okay, but seriously, how much does it cost? 

Straight to the point eh? Well it's cheaper than you think and is guaranteed to add value you and your youth ministry. 

$25 a Month. Plain and Simple. 

Yup, that's it. We don't believe in complicated store models.
YMB Membership give you access to everything for as long as your are a member.

Thanks for checking out YMB today. We hope to see you on the other side! 

P.S. If YMB doesn't sound like the right fit for now we still have lots of free for you to check out. Start with our podcasts and blog