Youth Ministry Booster Roadmap Phase 5 Success

Welcome to part 5 of a special 5 part series. Zac and Chad will walk you through the five stages of youth ministry growth in what we are terming as the Youth Ministry Roadmap. You will learn what phase your ministry is currently situated in, and how to get to where you want to go. 

If you haven't read and listened to part 1 then go here first. But also make sure and check out part 2 here. And part 3 here. And part 4 here

Phase 5: Success

It is good to desire success for your youth ministry. But how do you measure success for your youth ministry? 

A success that is more than a  one-week win for a Wednesday or a surge in attendance on Sunday. So how do you define success? 

  • Is it Health?  Healthy things should grow if we  
  • Is it Numerical? We know that numbers matter, but which numbers and how many 
  • Is it an improvement in Ratio: More leaders to students? 

The conversations surrounding success are all related to definitions. If success is not defined then we will either not know if we were successful, or we will retroactively define and rationalize that whatever happened was successful. 

If we are honest, neither of these scenarios is satisfying. Because there is no number of students that would ever satisfy and always looking back to rationalize doesn't move us forward. 

Operating Question: 

Would your ministry live when you leave? 

We developed this roadmap because we believe that there is a measure of success that is available no matter your church size, church-age, or denominational affiliation. 

What is the measure or definition of success that is true across the board? There is an idea of a success with a kingdom mindset that extends beyond and it is longevity. 


A success that is measured in what is living and sustainable beyond just what we had the energy to make. 


We are all interim. Everyone is temporary somewhere. 


So what gets left behind after you leave?


True success is bigger than ourselves, our tenure, just these students, but rather success in the kingdom view of things. 

What are you building, developing, and scaling to make this ministry not larger or healthier but successful

Youth Ministry is a long game in a short season. 

That is why it requires, important vision and healthy structures. That is why it requires a roadmap, a community, a guide, and excellent leadership from you. 

Don’t aspire to be Billy Graham, but aspire to be the guy that discipled Billy Graham.


What About You, Which Phase Are You In?

If you’re at this phase, did this episode resonate with you? Let us know in the comments!

OR, if you’re at this phase but we didn’t talk about what you’re going through, tell us that as well.

OR, if you’ve been at this phase before, can you tell us a story about what you remember from this stage?