What To Do When I Feel Discouraged?

Show Notes:

What Do You Do When You Get Discouraged? 

  1. Distract yourself or Divert Your Feelings and Attention?
  2. Bury Yourself In Other Work or Negative Habits and Behaviors?
  3. Seek soothsaying friends and Facebook circles? 

What Are Some Better Alternatives or Preemptive Strategies to Combating Discouragement?

  1. Have a fun passion project or family hobby that is a fun for you to enjoy that is not church related at all!  (Roast coffee, plant a garden, take karate with your kids, go on walks, run)
  2. Identify negative habits, outlets, or behaviors and guide your energy into positive and not negative. Don't let the vacuum of tough times or difficult and discouraging seasons get the better of your personally and vocationally.
  3. Have a tight-knit circle of friends that know you, know your ministry, and you trust to speak truth into your discouraging situations. 

Encouragement From A Talented Youth