Why You Need To Take A Summer Vacation

Show Notes:

5 Types of Vacation

  1. Day-Off or Digital Detox: One day away from the grind and busyness of church work is more than a good idea is scriptural! Take some time each week, every week, okay at least most week? To untether from the phone and step away from the work stuff. Get outside unleashed from digital restraints. 
  2. Short Run No Work:" Get out of town or have a staycation when no one knows how to get you. Seriously, get away from the work, 
  3. "Long-term Made plans:" This is the big one, the summer or spring trip you have been planning and saving for. Do it right and make all the plans ahead of time so you only have to touch base when necessary. We understand be accessible but don't let this turn into a work trip. Keep work in the work bucket and enjoy this long term time away. It will do you and your youth ministry some real good! 
  4. Medical Leave, Family Emergency: Yeah you don't always get to plan when you take time off and part of the plan is helping for the unplanned. Surprise! you are sick, Surprise! a family situation needs you more than work. It's okay people, volunteers, leaders, and students know that you know that they will survive and you need to take care of yourself and/or family. 
  5. Sabbatical: A big chance to work on you, a big project, or to work on the ministry and not in it. It's huge. It matters and if you can your way to one, make it count. This is the gift of being somewhere long enough that you have earned a chance for the longview. 

Eisenhower Method: Urgent and Important Are Not The Same Things