How Do You Feel About Senior Sunday? Graduating Seniors not Senior Adults

Graduate Senior Leaders, Not Perpetual Sophmore Students.
If your goal as a student minister was to create really great student ministry then you have failed these students.

Show Notes: 

All Those Senior Sunday Feelings: 

Frustration: Seniors, totally checked out and late for everything. Over communicate everything. Set schedules for yourself to remind them. It’s super frustrating but a schedule helps.

Bitterness: You are upset because you feel like you are bending over backwards for the kid that is never there. We get it, they rarely say thank you, but it was never about that. Be there for them and treat them like a first time guest. 

Sadness: This is the reminder that our ministry is perpetually in churn. We have to always keep one eye on who is rising up as well as those who are leaving. 

Proactive Measures For This Year And Next Year

Against Frustration: Lead your Seniors to leave. If they are clinging at this point then consider your efforts. Don’t be mad because they are thinking about what is next, help them begin their new journey. 

Against Bitterness: Press into the established cultural norms. It's events like these that enable us to connect with students and their families. Don’t get mad or bitter about it, embrace the opportunity. 

It’s the Easter problem, you’re mad about it, or you it see as opportunity.

Against Sadness: Know that it is more than just creating good students for student ministry, and it is more about helping students see faith as a lifelong project. You aren’t just pastoring you are preparing and that means you are always sowing seeds, laying ground work, and thinking about the next and not just the now. 


Introducing Our Stock Senior: Chris Higgins

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