How Do I Recover From My Ministry Hangover? Or Where Did All My Motivation Go? #Easter Edition

Perhaps it is more a sign of the times, than a sign of you.

Show Notes: 

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  1. Naming the Ministry Hangovers- a big push for momentum can leave us feeling motivationless. 

  2. Attendance Wane- literally crestfallen, the wave of student attendance has surged and life is getting in the way (oh that moment between spring programming and summer activities) and is taxing you on purpose and motivation. Take heart youth ministry friend. Perhaps it is more a sign of the times than a sign of you. It is so easy to feel either motivated or discouraged by the numbers. If you are going to measure, measure fairly friend, measure fairly. 

  3. Apathy Snapback- the wake of doing so much makes me feel like doing so little. Are bursts of apathy a real thing?

  4. Adverse Conditions- you are averse to coming to the office or church campus. Your students are averse to coming around because of spring flings, romances, drama, and schoolwork. 

If you are not careful. It will not only take the best of you, it will take the most of you.