How Do I Get The Most Money For My Youth Ministry?

“Simple pro tip for more money next year, two words... pie graph”
— Chad Higgins
Is this a financial priority for the youth ministry or for me?

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Three Important Financial Practices For Youth Ministry

  1. Gratitude- if you aren't thankful for what you have now you will not be thankful for what you hope to get (well at least thankful for long)
  2. Creativity- the best youth ministry stuff has come from people finding creative ways to get more out of less. Before you are upset you can't buy all the things, consider what you could make, borrow, or ask to get donated.
  3. Vision- you are probably never going to get what you want in one fell swoop, but do you have a big enough vision to get what you want over time, piece by piece? And are there ways you involve and invite other people to help contribute to that bigger vision? People may not want to buy the youth ministry a bunch of Xbox Ones but they will want to support things that help to build good, safe, community for young people.