What Do Parents Want From Youth Ministry?

Show Notes: 

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Parents Have Expectations

Yet, expectations are just a starting place. Don't live there, set a direction to a destination we want to go. Don't say "this is the expectation and we stay inside the expectation."  


  Feel free to over communicate anything that isn’t regularly scheduled stuff

If you’re not tired of talking about it they (parents) probably haven’t even heard it


    Parents want a guide or a trusted voice that cares for them and about their student. They want your help with insider and latest information on social media, responsible internet Use, Youtube channels, and other changes in youth culture. They want their youth pastor to give them some insider and insight stuff. Earn your way into becoming their expert. 

 Youth Pastors can become translators students and parents. 

Make it easy on yourself:

Collect the data and

Be consistent in what you send out

It’s no good to write the email if you don’t have a good list to send it