4 Keys To Building Lasting Relationships With Youth Workers

4 Keys to Building Lasting Relationships With Youth Workers- Brenan Fulton

So you’re having a lockout, going on a mission trip, or headed to camp. What's the common denominator for each of these events? You need youth workers to make them all happen! Quality volunteers make the youth ministry world go round! 

In ministry, whether vocational, bi-vocational, or volunteer, everything we do is built around relationships - sharing the Gospel, ministering to students, discipleship - all of it starts with a relationship. We are expected to nurture relationships with our students, pastors, deacons, and senior adults, all of which are of great priority. But there are some relationships that we sometimes take for granted; the relationships between a youth pastor and his/her youth workers. Here are 4 practical and efficient ways to nurture the relationships between you and your youth workers.

1. Notes & Letters 

This gesture is one that is often overlooked in our technology-driven culture. However, I have found that when my youth workers receive a "thank you" note or a written letter of encouragement, they are always appreciative that I have taken the time to pen my thankfulness or encouragement as something that they can have to read over and over again.

2. Host a Meal in Your Home 

Whether you have known your youth workers a long time or you need to get to know someone a little better, opening your home and cooking a meal is a great way to bond. When you choose this option, please host well; clean/straighten up a little, prepare or purchase a meal, and plan some entertainment/conversation topics.

3. Show up Randomly

Find out what your youth workers’ favorite drinks or snacks are, and take these to them at work! When you randomly show up on their turf, it shows them that you think about them more than once a week at your youth gatherings or special events. Remember what you model to them is how they will minister to their students. 

4. Keep Them in the Know 

Communication is one of the most important things we do. Keeping people in the know will help you in building relationships with your youth workers. They want to work with you; to minister to students, teach God's Word to them, and to help them along the way. They want to assist the church in helping students know and love God. Let's help them do these things to the best of their abilities.

Sometimes we tend to overthink how we show someone that we love and appreciate them. I believe the best way to say thank you or to create new memories is as simple as writing a note, making some extra spaghetti and inviting someone over to spend some unhurried time together, showing up randomly, or communicating.


About The Author: Brenan Fulton


Brenan is the Student Pastor at First Baptist Owasso. He has a wonderful wife, Chelsey, and they are expecting their first baby girl, Reese Elizabeth. His passion in Student Ministry is to see students define their own faith in Jesus Christ and come to the understanding that they won't one day become the church, they ARE already part of the church. He enjoys spending his free time at local coffee shops, with family, outdoors, and throwing frisbee with his dogs, Rumble and Bear.