Putting The Cocoa In Lights and Cocoa

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With the Advent/Christmas Season just a few days away it's time to turn our thoughts towards preparing for the arrival of the Light of the World. If you are one of the many that downloaded the Lights and Cocoa Booster Pack (free until December 1st!) then you are probably thinking about light, warmth, and cocoa! 

Putting The Cocoa in Lights and Cocoa

One of the ways Chad suggested for building out this booster pack (as suggested in the BoostCast) for your youth ministry is to interview students on-stage during large group over cups of cocoa.

Interviews are so fun and a fresh alternative to a sermon presentation or master teacher format. It's different, it's warm, and it showcases the light of Christ at work in your student ministry. Interviews also serve a vital role in connecting your students to one another this holiday season. 

Check out the sample questions below and consider how you could invite students to connect and dialogue over a delicious cup of cocoa. 

Sample Student Interview Questions

  • Please Introduce Yourself: What's Your Name?

  • How Long Have You Been A Part Of Our Youth Ministry?

  • What Got Your Involved In Our Youth Ministry?

  • How Do You Enjoy Your Cocoa? With Or Without Marshmallows? Milk Or Hot Water?

  • What's Your Favorite Christmas Memory?

  • What Does It Mean To Be "Light Of The World?"

  • What Is Your Favorite Youth Ministry Moment Of This Year?

  •  What Is Something God Is Teaching You?

  • Where Do You See God Working In Your Life Right Now?