Each Booster Pack Is Fully Loaded With 6 Ministry Improving Boosters. Neat, Right?

Visual Booster

Many youth ministers either don't have the time to create visual graphics for series, or they lack graphic design skills. YMB has got you covered. Think about all the other things you could be doing with your time.

Main Series Graphics: Each Pack includes its own unique title and artistic look. You also will receive all the elements of the artwork so you can add images to parent letters, create handouts, or use the artwork in ways that best suit your ministry.

Presentation Templates: You will receive template slides (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.) that look great and are ready for you to customize. 

Tasty Flyers: Every good series needs good promo art. We give you great looking flyer templates that you can customize. Adjust the templates in Word or Pages, type what you need, and hit print. 

Zesty Videos:  Each Pack comes with a series-specific looper, bumper, and countdown video to make your worship service sizzle with quality. 



Audio Booster

We go the extra mile to make sure that you have everything you need to make your next large group session amazing. 

Audio BoostCast: Every series will include an hour-long(ish) podcast talking through how to best use each element and suggestions for the direction you could take in your teaching. Hear from Chad and Zac and other youth ministry friends preparing for the same series you are.

Spotify Playlists: Each series gets its own playlist of sweet music. Great music to fit your theme, and you didn't even have to listen to hours of music to prepare it. 

Game Booster

Games Booster.png

Imagine not having to think up a game to play with your students each week.  We turn your least favorite thing into something new and totally sweet. 

Games: Each Pack comes with 4 unique games that work with your monthly theme and are super fun! You will receive everything from great PowerPoint games to mixers, to crazy upfront games that we know your students will love. Heck, you might even learn to like them too!

Game Graphics: Every single game includes a title graphic or the slides necessary to make these games look great. These games have literally got your back and your screen covered. 

Printable Supplies: If one of our games calls for printable supplies, we will make them for you. Just hit print and you're are ready to go. 

How To Play Guide: Ever download a great game only to watch it not work with your students? Never again! We've got your back.

Supply List: Some games need things. We help you know how much of what you need to make these games succeed.


Community Booster

You know what's more fun than doing youth ministry? Doing youth ministry with friends. 

Booster Community: Every person joins booster is invited to participate in the forum, group chats, and think-tanks. There are community created resources and creative insights overflowing for every resource. 

Access to YMB Team: Every member of our staff will be part of the community. Ask questions if you need help, receive clarification, and offer input for future series. Also signup for weekly coaching calls with Zac and Chad. 

Teaching Booster

Here at YMB we don't write your sermons. Why? Because we don't know your people. We believe that God has put you where you are for a reason. But we do want to help you get started with some sermon prep.

Solid Scriptures: You will get pages of related scriptures for the monthly theme. Pick the passages that best fit your direction. We are here to get your mind turning with great possibilities. 

Useful Quotes: Great quotes from all over that fit the series. No more hours of scrolling online trying to find that perfect quote, because we already have it. 

Amazing Reads: With all the extra time you now have you may actually get to read again. Inside each Pack are book titles, blog links, and other resources we recommend that may help you write better sermons. 


Social Media Booster

No more stealing an image off of Google to post on Instagram! Now all your photos are the correct size and look great!

Series Art: Each Pack includes its own series artwork that is sized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat. We know your students are not on Facebook, but you can show their parents...or grandparents. 

Unique Art:  Each Pack will also feature relevant social media posts that tie into the theme and give you social media cred. Thank us later for the extra likes.