YMB Is A Digital Platform For Managing Networks…

YMB + NNYM have partnered to make networking even more possible and accessible for busy youth ministers on the go. Get your on-going NNYM networks connected through YMB’s digital platform for easy communication, organization, and new meeting content guides delivered monthly.

Online Platform Benefits For Your
On-Going NNYM Network


Centralized Network Organization & Management

  • Connect your networks between meetings through one central online hub.

  • Calendar and schedule your meetings in advance with integrated reminders.

  • Message members’ reminders & encouragement between meetings. 

  • Post your meeting notes in one central location for those that may have missed.

Downloadable Resources.png

Fresh Content For Your Network On-Demand

  • New creative meeting content guides are posted every month.

  • New meeting guides will be posted & distributed monthly.

  • Thematic meeting guides offer growth in collaboration across all national networks.

  • Access a library of related videos, activation guides, and downloadable resources to refer your network members.

Unlimited Access To All Of Youth Ministry Booster

Care Coaching Call.png

Weekly Soul Care Video Calls

“How Is Your Soul Minister?”
Sign up for weekly care video calls to ask big questions and receive ministry. You give so much to others. Receive the care and support that help you thrive. We are here for you! 

Seminary Webinar png.png

Live Monthly Video Webinars

“Who are you learning from this month?”
High-level learning that is so practical you can use it today! Learn from some of the best and brightest voices in youth ministry, covering topics like leadership, communication, trauma, and event planning, 

App Digital Exclusive Community.png

Exclusive App Platform 

“Where can I find what i need?”
Explore and enjoy all of our community features from the comfort of your phone on our integrated custom web and app (*iOS and Android) platform. Messages, meetings, and resources all connected together.

YMB makes managing my network easy and allows me to focus on being more effective and less adminstrative.