Youth Ministry Booster Team

Chad Higgins
President, CEO

Has served the local church for over a decade in ministry. He has a deep desire to spread the Gospel.  Chad has a passion to see other ministers grow and develop in the gifts that God has given them. He is a big guy with a big smile and a big personality. He is also the founder of the #chalupaspike. 

Zac Workun
Creative Director

He is an Oklahoma native with North Carolina tendencies. He is an uber proud new father to Isaiah, humbled by his beautiful wife Karen, and loves to be nagged by his black lab Ellie. Coffee, music, video games, comic books, tech, vintage, #basic, #bearded. 

Timothy Coleman
Artist in Residence

Creative Pastor for 10 years, but don't paint, write poetry or do spoken word pieces...

A wise man once told me "Creativity is not art... It's problem solving." I have been called to a life of spirtual problem solving, How to get people from point A (Unbelief) to point B (Believer), and my toolbox is full of visual imagery.