“It feels like the world for youth has changed, but youth ministry has not adapted fast enough for the times.”

Booster Intensives: The Next Way To Grow

Each of these six-week intensive courses has been specifically crafted to give Those Who Want More, real, practical results, by Expanding your leadership capacity and boosting your ministry competency.

Each Intensive Is Restricted To Only 7 Participants. Reserve Your Spot Today

Pay $99 Today To Hold Your Spot. Then 3 Monthly Payments of $167 To Follow.

Season One Launch January 2019

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Discover your voice. Elevate your reach. Grow your effectiveness in communicating on and off the platform. Communicating well ain’t what it used to be.

Creative Programming

Imagine and redefine gathering times for students that connect in fun and bold new ways. There is great creativity to unlock for your context.

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Small Group Leadership

Heighten the weekly conversations. Recruit more and retain longer the most successful leaders for your ministry. Tune the engine of your youth ministry.

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Student Leadership

Build a system that will raise your students’ capacities to live out their callings to serve inside and outside the local church. Equip their passions to be amazing disciples for Jesus.

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Multi-Site Ministry

The next model is now and for those working to replicate student ministries in multiple locations, the place to learn how is here amongst the best, brightest, and peers.

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Women In ministry

Find deepening connections to fulfill the vocational call to serve. Grow at every level alongside amazing sojourners.

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Worship Arts

Change the atmosphere. Beautify your experiences. Enhance your weekly gatherings with deep theological resources, innovative ideas, and meaningful activities.

Expand Your Leadership Capacity. Register Now.

Pay $99 Today To Hold Your Spot. Then 3 Monthly Payments of $167 To Follow.

Season One Launch February 2019


What’s Included With Every Intensive?

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Digital Resource Portal

The wellspring of resources and the personal work between weekly sessions is all housed under one centralized system for easy access and connection.

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Action Plan

Each intensive is designed to help you work towards a plan of personal growth and ministerial development. “Learn where you are, and what needs to come next.”

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Heads Up Intensity

Focused efforts to expand one of the core elements of ministry requires some disciplined, and tough, conversations.

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Personal Touch

Each intensive is restricted to 7 participants per session so you know you are getting the face time you want.

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Weekly Video Meetings

Growth requires regularity. Each intensive will meet weekly to jumpstart growth.

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Continuing Community

Membership in the YMB community means continued access to course materials and your intensive cohort for accountability and encouragement.

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Bonus! Every Intensive Comes With An Annual Membership To Youth Ministry Booster *A $240 Value

Every intensive registrant gets full access to the Youth Ministry Booster Network for an entire year. Not only will participants get the lift from the intensive, but the follow-through of staying connected in the membership network.

Meet Our Coaches

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William Cumby

Will serves as youth pastor for The Fountain of Praise in Houston, Texas. He is a graduate of the DEVOS urban leadership initiative and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Oral Roberts University. William volunteers in multiple school districts, writing contributor for The Grow Curriculum and YS, seminar teacher with UYWI, and a published author. Because of his relentless taco addiction he is also a fitness fanatic and personal trainer. On February 20, 2018, William was awarded his own day in the city of Houston, Texas. William and his wife, Ebony, have three children together.

Youth Ministry Favorite:
Watching youth make big changes for Christ

Areas Of Excellence: Communication for change, leadership development, family ministry, urban ministry,

Karl Romeus.jpg

Karl Romeus

Karl is the student ministry director at the vibrant multi-site Bayside Church in California. He is also a part of the leadership team for Thrive Unleashed a youth conference for thousands of students. 

Youth Ministry Favorite: Leading dynamic teams and growing new sites of ministry. 

Areas of Excellence: Leader development, multi-site ministry, growth, team-building


Kristen Lascola

"K-cola" brings 14 years of Jr. High ministry experience. She has served as a volunteer,  an intern, a director and a pastor.

Youth Ministry Favorite: Sincere love of jr, highers, "They are rad! So hilarious, and up for anything! I also can't believe I get paid to study and teach the Bible!" 

Areas of Excellence: Leader development & Jr. High Ministry, empowering fellow ministers lead at a higher level

Justin Herman.jpg

Justin herman

Justin serves as the Youth Network Supervisor for Sandals Church with 9 campuses across the inland empire in California.

He has been in youth ministry for 13 years and has served from coast to coast.

When he’s not writing, speaking or doing awesome youth worker things he is creating memories with his wife and kids. He loves to vacation; do social media things; and one day hopes to be the dead body in TV show.

Youth Ministry Favorite: Starting youth on a path that will take them step by step the rest of their life to be like Christ.

Areas of Excellence:  Junior High Ministry, multi-site ministry, leader development, branding and media, strategy.